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TOP 5 Short Vegan Related YouTube Videos

This article is part of my series dedicated to vegan information resources. Veganism has become a modern trend, more and more people are reconsidering their eating habits and are recognizing the validity and relevance of this life style in this day and age. This series introduces you to a selection of vegan resources that have influenced my decision (to one degree or another) to go vegan and further stick to the lifestyle.

About The Series

Five fundamental reasons for going vegan are: Health, Animals, Environment, justice (human rights protection) and taste (because vegan food is delicious). However, related topics are not limited by this shortlist. Any vegan could name hundreds of reasons and benefits of the vegan lifestyle, that is, if you are willing to listen 😉

Indeed, there is such a tremendous amount of information on veganism out there, so to make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of resources that are, in my opinion, the most useful and impactful. To begin with, I invite you to acquaint yourself with reasons for going vegan in two of my compilations: Top 5 Short Veganism-Related YouTube Videos (below) and my list of Must-Watch Documentaries that answer so many questions related to veganism and go in depth in discovery of all the aspects of veganism from ethics to health.

Also, check out my article on Top Five Vegan Informative YouTube Channels, a list of Useful Websites For Vegans, as well as the article about Doctors And Scientists who contributed to the development of the vegan movement. Please keep in mind that I refer to external sources here, so if there is a dead link, please let me know, so I can fix it!

Why I Wrote This Series

Let’s touch upon something vulnerable, shall we? The truth is, I hate answering the question “Why I went vegan”. This is, perhaps, the main reason why I created this series. I want it to be a database of knowledge for people who are interested in veganism. Reason number two (but don’t tell anyone) is so that I could send a link to whoever asks me why I went vegan, hahaha >.<

I guess, my panic around telling people why I went vegan comes from the fact, that these people rarely commit to listening me through. So often I get asked why I’m vegan, and then don’t really get a chance to express myself, because, let’s face it, these kinds of discussions hurt. Here’s the thing. I am just a regular human, like anyone else, and going vegan wasn’t my own unique idea. There were millions of people who transitioned to vegan diet before me. I remember the source of each thought I have in my head, and I do realize that I am influenced by other people, environment and circumstances in every decision I make.

For now, I don’t’ see so clearly, whether or not it is my calling in life to be influencing others to go vegan. With my state of mind at the moment, I’m so afraid to push people away by enforcing my point of view. There are enough smart, kind and talented people who can speak the truth much better than I can do it. But I think (and hope) I can guide people to those open doors, where they may find their vegan gurus.

Below is a list of Top 5 Short Veganism-Related YouTube Videos that express information packed with numbers and emotions.

TOP 5 Short Vegan Related YouTube videos

These five short videos made a very strong impression on me, they are wake-up calls of sort, videos I wish everyone would watch with an open mind and a compassionate heart. These are the five videos that I wish I had the bravery to share on my social media. Maybe one day, when I have figured out this creepy fear of pushing people away from me.

I put a short description under each title, so you can understand in advance what to expect.

1. 10 reasons to go vegan

The name speaks for itself. A very short video with numbers and facts (no graphic content).

2. Mayim Bialik: Top 5 worst things to say to a Vegan

Remember Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory?! Yes, she is vegan (and she is actually neurologist, if you don’t know). In this 6-minute video she shares her argumentation in a loving, friendly and reasonable form. I just feel hugged when watching it! If you don’t have time to dive deeper right now — watch this video as an overview of vegan thinking!

3. DAIRY IS SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

Erin Janus’s short film that made a lot of noise. Erin’s picture appeared even on street billboards in the US. The original video has more than 6,2M views. 5 minutes of flashing shocking images with Erin’s perky voice in the background, making it clear — a diet that includes the use of dairy products (including vegetarianism) cannot be ethical. You might choose to skip watching movies about the dairy industry, but you need to watch this video once to understand the whole point and forget about the edibility of milk.

4. MAN

Very true and very sad video. It is a Wake-Up Call. All history of human on this planet is represented in a timeline. Thoughts provoking — I don’t want to be associated with this type of living being. And you?

5. Vegan Myths DEBUNKED! | With Dr. Neal Barnard

And just as a bonus. Dr. Neal Barnard answers the most common questions about vegan diet in 5 minutes. But the health aspect of a vegan diet needs more attention than just 5 min, so it is more like a teaser.

How do you like this selection?

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Anastassiya Vizzini

I am Anastassiya - Vegan Nutritionist, author and administrator of the Vizzini Journal. I have been vegan since 2017 and I feel the urge to contribute into development of this movement. It is my sincere belief that maintaining vegan lifestyle is something truly self-loving. And I think that self-love is the strongest tool you can use to change the world around you for the better.

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