Daydreaming is a useful skill

Daydreaming is not useless, dreams do come true. There is a lot of evidence of this. And I’m not just talking about amazing stories that people tell being invited to different podcasts. Dreams generally tend to come true.

Importance of Daydreaming

I am sure some of your dreams already came true, some of them you could forget… I would like to illustrate it with a few personal examples.
Without expecting it, many of my “uncareful” desires came true. When I was 12 years old I tried to create a website. I wanted to make my own site to publish my drawings, but could not master HTML and gave up this idea. And today I have one, I develop it myself and improve it with pleasure,  celebrating every little thing that I manage to set up on the site. I almost forgot that I once dreamed of this.
But sometimes dreams come true when you don’t want to. After my first difficult experience with work, I inadvertently thought to myself, that I don’t want to work at all. And so it happened – unexpectedly I ended up with being unemployment when I moved to Cyprus.
Now I see that this circumstance was not some kind of punishment, on the contrary. This experience helped me to let go of a lot of false beliefs and see the meaning and art of life differently.
The real disaster, and the worst thing to experience – is not wanting anything. This is a real vacuum: emptiness, indifference to everything and the absence of any hope for change. You can jerk your legs as much as you want – it is only wasting energy.

Is Daydreaming a skill?

Maybe this was also my manifestation? Once my drawing teacher in my children’s questionnaire in the column “wish me something” wrote to me: “If you don’t have what you like, then let you like what you have”.  I thought that time – how great it must be to wish for nothing! To be satisfied with what you have and not wanting anything … The order was accepted. I have forgotten how to dream, to love and want what I do not have.
It seems to me that I am not alone here. It seems to me that many of us stopped daydreaming and forgot how to do it. But did you know that you can learn how to dream?
I have known about the practice of manifestation for a long time. Once my sister invited us all to watch the film “The Secret” with her. She grasped the idea, and I remember what she dreamed about that time. She even created a “wish board”! I think a lot has come true for her. As for me, I was apparently not ready for such ideas at that time, and even now the film “The Secret” itself is not to my liking. Perhaps the intonation itself turned out to be repulsive to me.

When the disciple is ready, there will be a guru

But, as my other sister said, “when the disciple is ready, there will be a guru.” Dauchsy Meditations appeared to be my guru in daydreaming. This is how I found a job in Cyprus (which I have already written about before in the same context) and this is how I came up with the idea of ​​blogging. But any skill without practice weakens.

It seems to me that this state of energy stagnation is breathing down the back of my head again. When I started writing about my lifestyle, it was completely different. I was glad that I was in good shape, and that there was time for everything – both for sports and for experimenting with new recipes … But as soon as I decided to write about it, everything collapsed like a house of cards. Some kind of inner boss has appeared, shouting that everything is wrong, that I have to do things faster, that I am punished for missing deadlines … From such internal dialogues I only become slower, boring and indifferent to what I am doing. Naturally, I come to the conclusion that there is nothing to write about now. I run irregularly, due to the fact that I am in a hurry with the release of new videos, the creativity in cooking has disappeared … Several times  I have taken up different challenges (like getting up early or pumping abs), but giving it up halfway. What’s the point then?

Let’s start from scratch

Maybe if I had a project partner who would shoot me or edit videos for me or make a website for me – would my creativity burn through me? But what if I am interested in making a website myself? Or is it just my sick desire to do everything myself to proudly declare that I have done it without any help?

When we feel bad in our path, we naturally strive to return to where we felt good, or to do the things that helped in the past. Well, I tried to take small steps back, clinging to what I “achieved”. It’s time to let go and fall with confidence to where I am mentally. It seems to me that I am at the point where meditation,  practice of manifestation and grounding therapy will help me to recover. The rest will wait.
Where are you now? If that what I am describing resonates with how you feel, I recommend you to check out Dauchsy 30-days Manifestation Challenge. Try to listen! What if you’ve forgotten how to dream too?

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