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Thank you for your interest in my website! Vizzini Journal is a blog, where I share not only recipes, but also my experience, knowledge and discoveries that I consider useful for improving quality of life.

I want to be honest with my readers and disclose all my motives of doing this project. Though Vizzini Journal is a nonprofit project now, I have ambitions regarding it’s future and I hope the project will grow. Thus, I hope it will bring me some profit, so I would be able to invest more in it and continue to be motivated to do what I do and enjoy it. Right now the only sponsor I have is my partner. I neither monetize my videos on YouTube, nor sell the space for advertisements on my website. However, I am participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program (please read disclosure here). Idea to promote the products this way (which I use myself and which I can recommend to others) is appealing to me.

This is how it works: links down below are affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and choose to make a purchase I will earn a small fee for advertising Amazon’s products. For you though, this will cause no extra cost. Here I am listing products that I ordered on Amazon, and that I am satisfied with. You can also see some affiliate links used in my articles. If you want to support my project, you may use this affiliate links to buy something you need. If you do so, please let me know, so I could thank you personally)




This is a sweetener I am using in my desserts now instead of sugar and syrups. Erythritol is 20-40% less sweet than sucrose, has a slightly “cooling” effect, but has no aftertaste (unlike stevia, for example). I was also surprised that 100 g of erythritol contains 0 calories! It burns out literally without a trace)) I am going to try xylitol next, for comparison.

If you are looking for better sugar alternatives, I suggest you to watch this video on sugar alternatives available. Maybe it will help you to choose the right one for you.

Amla Organic Powder

Amazing product that I add in my everyday smoothies. It is very high in antioxidants and vitamin C - really good health booster.

BIO Ginger Powder

I use ginger as a pain reliever. Works like ibuprofen) And also helps to recover after workouts, providing an anti-inflammatory effect.

BIO Gyokuro Tee

Very tasty green tea.

BIO Sencha Green Tea

Tasty green tea.

Nori for Sushi Premium Gold

Nori for sushi - good quality at a reasonable price

Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea with Rice

Another tasty green tea.

Black pepper whole

Pepper of high quality. I like the price and the fact that it comes in a reusable jar in big amounts. And I am really satisfied with it's quality. If you struggle to find good options on the market - I can recommend this brand.

Alnatura Bio Natural Tofu

Very tasty Tofu for a reasonable price (usualy).

Alnatura Tofu with Almonds

This is the tastiest tofu I ever tried! I am so happy It can be delivered to Cyprus, and we are able to order it. Great taste! Highly recommend trying it!

Supplements and Superfoods

Vitamin B12 Vegan High Dosage

After years of studying the question of supplementing B12, we came to the conclusion that the most effective option is taking B12 in the form of drops. This is explained by the fact that we secrete a B12 binding protein from our salivary glands, that is, absorption is boosted when the B12 mixes with saliva.

Vegan Omega-3 fatty acids from algae oil

DHA is quite dificult to get with food, since we don't eat algae so much. I order this brand of Omega-3 fatty acids (it is both DHA and EPA)

Raab Vitalfood Magnesium Citrate Powder

This helps us recover after long runs! Magnesium plays a role in energy production, protein formation, and blood pressure regulation. Magnesium may help to improve sleep quality, ease muscle aches, boost vitamin D absorption and ease migraine symptoms.

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Bamboo Steamer

Lightweight steamer, compact. Very comfortable for a family of two. When I cook in it, it smells of wood. This is a bit unusual, but it doesn't affect the flavor of the food.

Measuring Spoon and Measuring Jug Set

This set is one of my favorite things I use in my kitchen! I love measuring food and being aware of the amounts of each product I use in the recipe.
These cups have a very convenient and stable shape. When I measure liquids, nothing is spilling out - it's just magic, ha ha)))
Highly recommend everyone to have measuring spoons (and cups) at the kitchen - it really brings such pleasure to the cooking process.

Health and Body Care

Waterpik Oral Irrigator

In order to take good care of our teeth we bought this Irrigator 6 months ago. So far we are quite satisfied with it. I feel that I have better smell from my mouth in the mornings.

Underwhear For Periods

This item makes my life a bit more environmentally friendly. It does its job, however the elastic band is quite tight - I don't like how it squeezes my belly, which is usually bloating during periods. First of all it looks not so pretty, and second — when I have cramps, I would prefer less pressure around my belly. However, functionally these panties make a great combo together with my menstrual cup. You can read more about my experience with a menstrual cups here.

Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup

Another item that makes my life a more environmentally friendly. This is my second cup (first one didn't work for me) — I am highly satisfied with this one. I have an article, where I share my experience of transitioning from tampons to menstrual cups. Chek it out before, there is some useful information, that may help you to get started with it.

Things I use for the Project

Ring light LED lamp

Very nice lamp! I like that it doesn't require any batteries. The light is perfect, though I need a better holder than this tripod to take pictures of food. I ordered a pin additionally and waiting for delivery now. Sure it will work even better this way.

Flatlay Background

I expected this background to be more like linoleum, but it is more like thick paper. You have to be careful with it, I don't think it is a good Idea to put wet veggies on it. My table surface in the kitchen is ugly, and I hoped to use this background to fix it (at least to make my videos). For now, I see it works well to take pictures of ready meals, but to cook on it.... I am not sure yet. I will try however.

Acrylic Paint

For my drawing therapy I chose this paints, they state that they don't use any animal products, so I am very happy that my art will be also vegan)

Nylon Brush for Watercolour, Acrylic & Oil Painting

I don't like the plastic mixing Palettes, and why do I need two of them? Hm. However, there are a lot of positive reviews, so I hope I will like the brushes. Full review is pending)


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